Bonus program

Cryptonex announces a bonus program all over the world

The owners of Ethereum wallets with a positive balance will be sent 1000 CNX tokens. Everyone who has received these tokens can exchange it for CNX coins at the rate of 1 coin to 1000 tokens and get a 10% bonus for CNX coins purchase. The coins are automatically sent for mining with 11% annual profit and 1 year hold. The exchange is made in Cryptonex back office.

To exchange CNX tokens for coins, you need to transfer the tokens to the Ethereum wallet in your back office. The system will automatically convert tokens into CNX coins and make a deposit in the mining pool.

It is planned to distribute more than 10 000 000 CNX to the crypto community.

Cryptonex aims at distributing coins to the community and introducing people to the services. According to our plans in the nearest future all free coins will be received or purchased by the crypto community.

At the moment, we are developing and implementing the services which simplify work with cryptocurrency – multi-currency wallet (including BTC and ETH) with the opportunity to make exchanges for Fiat money, mining pool, P2P platform, CNX cards service for offline work, integration with exchanges, affiliate service, mobile application, interface redesign and much more.

You can see the profitability of working not only with POS mining, but also a new opportunity:

Cloud mining pool

  • You do not need equipment and expenses on safety.
  • You do not need to save a large amount of money to speed up the reward – you get into Cryptonex largest mining pool and your wallet receives 11% annually at the speed of the largest wallet in the network.
  • You have access to the wallet and mining pool wherever there is the Internet.
  • The most important thing is that in the future, you will be able to create your own mining pool, attracting your community to it and receiving additional income.

The program terms and conditions:

  • You need to have a positive balance on Ethereum wallet.
  • Having received 1000 CNX tokens, you can convert it into 1 CNX and send it to mining, holding it for 1 year. The important thing is that you get the additional 10% bonus for CNX purchase. The more coins you transfer to the mining, the more profitable CNX purchase will be.
  • While mining your coins will not be alone, it will get into Cryptonex biggest mining pool, which will significantly accelerate reward receiving.
  • Upon the bonus program completion, all the unused smart contracts will be deleted.

Do not buy tokens under any pretext! The tokens are distributed free of charge and will be abolished upon the bonus program completion.