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Cryptonex (CNX)

To buy CNX, you need
to create an account.

CNX current price:

1 CNX = - BTC | 1 CNX = - ETH


1. How can I buy CNX coins?

1) On Cryptonex official web-site choose «create an account».

2) Type your e-mail address and password.

3) You will get a message with the link to your e-mail. Follow the link from the message to activate your account.

4) Sign in to your account in the Cryptonex wallet.

5) Transfer BTC or ETH to the wallet in your backoffice.

6) Received funds will be automatically converted into CNX and deposited to your balance.

2. How can I transfer CNX to my Windows wallet?

Cryptonex has its own blockchain. In order to send CNX from a web Cryptonex wallet to Windows wallet, you need to use the «Withdraw» tab.

3. I forgot my password. What can I do about it?

You can restore your password, just follow this link:

4. When I try to download Cryptonex wallet, my computer says, it has a virus. Why?

As the program always requires blockchain synchronization, some antivirus software may mistakenly determine it as a malicious one. You need to add it to the exceptions. Our wallets are absolutely safe; anyone can see the source code.

5. How can I transfer CNX from web wallet to Cryptonex?

1. Download Cryptonex wallet for macOS/Windows/Linux

2. Sign up

3. Push "Withdraw" in an upper part of your backoffice.

4. Paste Cryptonex address of your wallet for macOS/Windows/Linux to the form.

6. What type of mining do you have?

We have P-o-S mining, so there’s no need to invest in mining hardware. It’s enough to buy CNX, transfer it to a wallet for Windows/Linux/MacOS and to keep online as far as possible. You will gain income from P-o-S mining.

7. What do I need to start mining?

1) Download Cryptonex wallet for macOS/Windows/Linux

2) Sign up

3) Transfer coins from a web wallet to the wallet on your computer

4) In an hour you can start mining. It’s automatic. All you need is to keep the wallet online.

8. What is the reward I can get for P-o-S mining?

You will have 12% income per annum + bonus reward in the form of commissions from the transactions you are the first one to confirm. The larger the amount you have, the more income you can get as mining is estimated according to the deposit interest on your wallet balance.

9. How often does the reward for P-o-S mining come?

Depending on the wallet balance, the reward can be deposited with a different frequency. To view the approximate time of the following reward receiving, you need to hover a cursor over the hammers icon in the lower right corner of the wallet.

The larger the amount on the balance and the longer your wallet is online, the more often the reward comes. The reward weight is not constant.

10. How long should I keep the wallet online, 24 hours a day?

The wallet should be in the toolbars, there’s no need in keeping your computer turned on 24 hours a day.

11. Can I install the wallet on 2 computers?

Yes, you can install the same wallet on different computers. To do that, you need to copy the wallet.dat file from Cryptonex temporary files and rerecord it on the new computer.

12. My reward for mining is rejected. What shall I do?

Usually this happens when a block is generated on a non-synchronized wallet. If the network has not accepted the generated block, the reward will not be lost. The following generated block will include the reward, which was in the rejected block.

13. Where can I follow Cryptonex?

We publish all our news on some forums and on our official pages in social networking: