Terms of Use

Security of your trading, transparency of all the operations and privacy of your data is the top priority for Cryptonex.

What is GDPR?

The GDPR was created with to protect the rights of individuals and give them more control over their personal information.

The GDPR regulates the ways businesses and public sector companies collect, manage and store their customers’ data.

What is private information?

Your private data is defined as any information which can be used to identify a person.

For example: alias, passwords, name, ID number, IP address, email address, cookies and so on.

We store your data safely

We regularly evaluate our security measures and mechanisms to ensure that they meet the most recent security regulations.

You can have an access to your data

Please make a request at any time and we will send you the information we have.

You can request deleting our data

Cryptonex does not store your data longer than necessary. If you want to delete your personal information, send us a request to delete any information about you and we will stop storing it.

Important: deleting some information (e.g. email address) from the system may result in deleting your account.

Every day we work to make this experience better and stay at your disposal in case you have any questions.